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Game Rules

1. This is a game!

Anything and everything you do here is not real! The game is to entertain you and it is not instigation to violence, nor does it encourage it! You can commit virtual crimes in the game, but DO NOT attempt in real life! The Creators of the game do not take any responsibility for the consequences of using the game.

2. Fair play and sportsmanship

Players, who try to manipulate the rules and use the gaps in them, are subject to be banned from the game. Usage of vulgar language, taking advantage of bugs and any other actions, which aim to fraud, will automatically lead to banning the player from Mafia-War.

3. Responsibility of the creators

Mafia-War is a free game, so the team cannot be hold accountable for any services provided. If, because of a system crash and/or another hardware and/or software problem, a player stands in disadvantage compared to others, Mafia-War cannot be accused or considered responsible for the player. Mafia-War cannot cover losses of players in case of poor protection of the player's personal data such as passwords, emails, etc. The responsibility of the game includes blocking the thieves, but not recovering the losses of the stolen account.

4. User rights

The user has the right to seek assistance from the game team on a particular issue using the contact option. The user has the right to express his own opinion and suggestions in the game, the discord server and the facebook page, as long as it is not contrary to the established rules.

5. Forbidden actions

It is forbidden the usage of bots or any other ways for constantly staying online. The same applies to programs that somehow automate the player's actions beyond those given by Mafia-War. Advertising on any sites unrelated to Mafia-War is prohibited in public chats as well as in the game space. Violators will be banned.

6. Personal responsibility of the user

The user is entirely personally responsible for the actions performed in the game and the pages belonging to it (discord, Facebook page, etc.). The user undertakes to personally monitor changes in the game and the conditions, and for this purpose can use the game itself, the discord and the Facebook page of the game. When registering an account, the user is obliged to provide a real personal email to which he has access. Otherwise, the user has no right to request assistance from the team in the event of an unfavorable situation. The user is obliged to report any irregularities and problems noticed by him on the game, the discord or the Facebook page of the game. The user is obliged not to damage the good name of the game, users and the administration team. The user is not allowed to use the name or other components of the game to benefit himself and / or to mislead and / or mislead other people.

7. External links

All external links including, without limitation, links to radios, advertisements, links to other games, etc. are only references to the respective sites, and Mafia-War is not responsible for their content, nor can it be considered a distributor of this content. If there is a link in the game to content that its owner does not want to be displayed in the game, an authorized person representing that party may contact the game administration to remove the relevant link from the game.

8. Communication rules

The communication rules are intended for all users who have registered an account in the Mafia-War. The rules apply to any type of communication, be it in the form of text or image, within the game.

8.1 Obscene names and those with sexual overtones are prohibited.
8.2 Offensive images or texts, regardless of who they are addressed to, are prohibited.
8.3 Attempts to defraud, mislead and / or abuse the trust of another user are severely punishable.
8.4 Attempts to extract material benefits from the resources in the game are prohibited.

In case of violation of the rules of communication in the game, the player should be banned!

* The rules of communication are part of the terms of the game and do not exclude the rules, but only supplement them! *

9. Changes in the game

Mafia-War reserves the right to change the game without prior notice.

10. Accepted game rules

These terms and conditions are considered accepted by the players from the date of their writing or change, and the players are obliged to have read them and to inform themselves about their change. Failure to read these terms of play does not excuse anyone for violating them. Reading the rules is MANDATORY for each player and in case the player has not done so it can be banned from the game.

If you do not agree with these rules, exit the game and close the window!

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