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Mafia War Giveaway

The Mafia War organizes a free giveaway!
The draw will take place on 10.04.2022 at 20:00 CET.
For the draw we will use Google Random Number Generator.


Draw number Time Reward Winner
1st 10 Days 50 Diamonds per day Xannibal
2nd 10 Days 100k Cash per day comenzi
3th 10 Days 100 Ammunition per day Birdy

How to participate?

To participate in our giveaway, you have to send in-game message to "Admin". In response you will receive your draw number.

ParticipantReceived number
Scopolli 1
AxellRose 2
Nasko2935 3
peaky 4
Alexlord 5
dmg 6
Birdy 7
Mnlth7 8
comenzi 9
FRM02 10
mfw1 11
superplayer 12
Xannibal 13
Kjaer 14
Vall 15
Dido55 16
Itsoyouduck 17
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