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Family Coca Farm


Your Family Coca Farm. Here you will be able to grow coca plants together with your fellow family members. Watch out: after your plant is ready, you only have 1 hour to harvest it! You can help each other harvesting plants before they dry up (helping fellow members is unlocked once you have Cocaine Lab at level 6).

Once the coca is harvested, you will be able to produce Cocaine in your Cocaine Lab. You can sell Cocaine in your Cargo Airstrip or Transport Company.

If a plant isn't harvested on time (not harvested within the 1 hour timeframe after it is ready), the leader, a co-leader or honorary will have to remove it by using family cash (or it will occupy a spot in the farm forever).

Lvl.CapacityUpgrade costUpgrade time
15 plants20 000 0003 days
28 plants50 000 0004 days
311 plants80 000 0006 days
418 plants150 050 0008 days
526 plants300 000 00010 days
632 plants600 000 00012 days
737 plants1 500 000 00015 days
850 plants2 500 000 00017 days
960 plants4 000 000 00020 days
1070 plants6 000 000 00024 days
Coca plantHarvest timeHarvest amountPriceUnlock
Bolivian Coca5 hours1 kg40 000Cocaine Lab level 1
Amazonian Coca4 hours1 kg70 000Cocaine Lab level 4
Peruvian Coca2 hours1,5 kg130 000Cocaine Lab level 10
Colombian Coca1 hours3 kg100Cocaine Lab level 15
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