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Maximum earnings of the the contract jobs can be expanded by 3 times their value when buying VIP.


While committing crimes in the "contracts" tab of the criminal activities you will find XP, which can be used to contract Special Forces in your Power Base.

There are different types of contracts and each one belongs to a specific Special Force type. You will need different amounts of XP to start different contracts, and the values will increase gradually.

Certain contract types can be found in certain crime locations, and more difficult or advanced locations will often give extra valuable contracts.

Army BaseMax. earnings% per clickMax.Health
Fake a military identity document4 3001.40 %90 %11-28
Punch a soldier and rob his gun4 6801.00 %80 %17-34
Steal military weapons3 6400.60 %80 %21-37
Steal a rocket truck4 6800.10 %80 %24-40
Science LabMax. earnings% per clickMax.Health
Hack the lab system and steal data3 4000.90 %80 %17-34
Steal expensive equipment3 6800.70 %60 %28-34
Steal ingredients4 1600.40 %60 %17-24
Steal a bio weapon4 6300.10 %60 %34-43
GovernmentMax. earnings% per clickMax.Health
Blackmail a government officer5 6400.60 %80 %24-37
Fake a funding agreement from the government4 3200.40 %60 %28-37
Rob a corrupt government minister6 1800.10 %60 %34-46
Blow up a government building7 1600.04 %60 %37-49
Military AirportMax. earnings% per clickMax.Health
Smuggle gold7 1600.10 %40 %24-37
Hijack a plane8 7600.06 %40 %34-40
Hack a military drone system7 6400.03 %40 %28-43
Steal missiles10 6400.01 %30 %47-64
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